Good design process flowcharts?

Hey everyone. I’m writing some curriculum and I need to make an example of a design process flowchart. I was wondering if any of you kind folks had an example you’re particularly fond of?

The best I’ve found so far is this one, but it doesn’t really demonstrate the non-linearity of the process;

Here are a couple that I have created and used.

The first shows the process of diverging and converging.
The second shows it more as a cycle.

Neither even approach perfect. I’d love to see what others have and use to explain.

This is what I made. It’s not pretty but I’m making a nicer one later. What do you all think?

Nice. That concept works.

I always liked this one.

I think document & share should be part of the loop. Documentation can help greatly throughout a project to reflect back to the original goals and define strengths and weaknesses in tangible terms.