Good books for Mechanical Joints for ID

Hey all, do you guys have any good books on mechanical joints, manufacturing techniques to recommend? All these with respect to the Industrial Design profession.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

What type of material do you have in mind?
What do you want the joint to do?
Need more info! :smiley:

Hi! material prefably is plastic

joints can be snap fits, collapsible hinges…

mechanisms can be retractable cords/wires…

thank you mightydesign! nice work on the Saitek range!

I think you’d find a lot of information throughout the web if you used the term “living hinge” in your search criteria.

You may want to try this book:

Not cheap, but probably a good reference for your library.

thanks ‘not anonymous’ & ‘Handy Smurf’!!