Golf Ball Project

First time posting, please be honest let me know what I should fix.

I know you are probably looking for advice on your industrial design… but I’m going to step back a bit - and hopefully this advice can be helpful to other students also…

Most of the flaws in your design are marketing issues and not actually design issues - For example : you mean Eco friendly… not Echo friendly…

If you are working on the physical design of an object or package - placing it in a setting such as an ad. Adding ad copy text etc… just distracts people from your work as a product designer. You aren’t trained as an ad exec or a copywriter - so you shouldn’t be expected to know how to do that sort of stuff.

Perhaps try presenting the concept less as a finished concept for Callaway but more as the idea behind a recycled box to house golf balls.

Highlight the features of your design and not the brand.
For example:
What type of recycled wood?
What is the overall reduction of waste over traditional materials?
How is it made?
Does it have a secondary use after the golf balls are gone?
Does it need a second internal package?

This will probably get you further will allow people to focus on your product design over your advertising skills.

Hope that helps.


This is a very interesting idea and I could see it in the market. I just have a few questions…

First what price point do you plan on selling this at? Usually when a product is sold in what we call a “keepsake” package it is sold at a much higher price point that the normal everyday carton or box. These products are usually gifts or limited editions. I have to say that I do not see this as just an everyday golf ball pack and it looks to be more of a gift I would give to my father. With that in mind the next question is…

Do you have any idea what you packaging costs are? (If this is a school project I totally understand if you have not thought of this.) By adding wood boxes or a tin to a package it increases your packaging cost and this is something that many manufactures’ try to keep at a minimum. The reason for this is that they do not want the package to over power the product. This is very important. In this case I see a bit of it but not too much. There is defiantly a reveal happening with the golf balls and the fact that the jackets on the balls are gold this helps with that.

My next question is…Do you have plans for the consumer to reuse this package? Obviously the package can be reused for other reasons. I defiantly would use it to store golf tees, balls, etc…But not everyone will do this. Trust me I deal with this everyday with candy tins. So I guess my question is how you communicate the reusability of this package. With out reusability this Echo friendly package is will just be a echo friendly package in a landfill.

I hope this helps.

I suggest visiting a golf store or golf course club house and review how golf ball packages are displayed. No golfer stores his or her golfballs in their packaging, they immediately go into the golfbag.

I don’t see anything eco (or Echo) about this design. Dissimilar materials and wasteful use of metal (by its shape), replacing existing recyclable carboard.

Reduce: you’re using more materials
Reuse: your design could be, that’s good, but won’t be for golfballs, maybe as a junk box in a shop?
Recycle: not with dissimilar materials.

If I were doing this, without seeing your design brief from Callaway, I would look at novel ways to hold the golfballs with minimal material. Golfballs are graphically beautiful, try exhibiting their natural geometry.

where are the balls?

Have you seen what they’re doing with Altoids tins

A Co-worker showed me this a while back. Pretty cool!!! Can’t say that here at M&M’s we have gotten that kind of reusability. :laughing:

I did by my wife a clutch purse made from foil gum wrappers, I’m sure there has to be some creative M&M wrapper stuff out there…

Yes there is. In vegas at the M&M’s world stor you can bye purses and wallets and all kinds of other stuff made from our wrappers. Not just M&M’s but also Starburst, Skittles, Twix etc… Fun stuff.

and how exactly is this packaging eco? there is more packaging than there are golf ball?

I agree with most that has already been said. Matt, are you still out there? I’d like to know more about the design brief and the thinking behind this package.

I thought the balls themselves were made from recycled materials? and did you intend for the “wood” to be recyclable? Is it wood and metal as the image shows, or something else? Your concept leaves many unanswered questions.