Gold iphone???

Well, if the rumors are true, SJ is spinning, expect a resignation from Jony and I don’t care what Icahn says, sell your stock.

If the rumors aren’t true, the Apple spin machine is truly awesome.

If true. I’m thinking it’ll be more like this. Which will be a big ladies play.

If it launches, I’m expecting a giant flood of champagne gold products. Too easy for people to think match your accessories with your iPhone.

It’s not for you, it’s for China.

You know what would be cool, is copper. It would develop a great patina as you handled it, then turn kind of disgusting right about when it’s time to upgrade.

So will Tim Cook do anything innovative?

Nope, he will simply stand on the shoulders of an innovator and just iterate.

But then again he could surprise me and prove me wrong.

I think we’re a bit too sensitive to non-grayscale stuff on Core here guys. A manual gauge on a stove or a warm metal color on a phone isn’t the end of the world. Variety is the spice of design! Warm metallics have been trending for 3-4 years at least, the iPhone is, as usual, late to arrive to the party and more stylish than those who came earlier.

Also, Tim Cook seems pretty good as CEO. Seems like he has a good holistic perspective, good business sense, good sense of restraint in terms of categories, but still forward looking, given Ive and team are exploring multiple new categories for the brand. I don’t know what kind of innovation people are expecting from Apple. The iPad was just the first great execution of a tablet computer. The idea was two decades old.

That’s a cool idea, Scott. I could see that being a very nice alternative. Of course it would probably just be anodized copper, which wouldn’t patina, and would simply rub down to the aluminum below, but still…

Everything you wrote is more or less correct.

Except it does not support Apple’s brand of innovation. And while I may be acting as chicken little, I have seen absolutely nothing from Apple other than me too for the last 3 years. Any company steeped in innovation should be launching something with substance every 2-3 years or else they will be doomed to Motorola or Nokia status.

And didn’t Jony-boy promise us something great a few years ago? Didn’t they claim Jobs had the pipeline filled? Milking a cash cow is a recipe for disaster. As for what kind of innovation I am expecting, it sure as sh!t ain’t gold.

Apple is more an innovation through execution company. All these ideas have been around for decades. Their talent is innovative execution.

I would also refer you to the new Mac Pro. That thing is as cool as anything else Apple has ever done in terms of engineering and design synergy.

I like this idea too! It could be like the Kaikado tea containers. Probably not a good business plan to ask your customers to not upgrade their device for 5+ years, lol.

The greatest innovation Apple has done in the last 20 years is itunes. That singular event is what launched them from the oblivion of the pc market. It was absolutely brilliant, enabling them to drive hardware sales. Newton failed because there was no itunes.

Apple needs to get off of their hands and either come up with a new media distribution model or have some product that takes advantage of paid content.

As for the new mac pro, only time will tell if it is innovative.

Re: Apple - Everyone is waiting. We’re spoiled.

1997 - Jobs returns
1998 - iMac debuts, instant design icon
1999 - PowerMac G4, instant design icon
2001 - iPod debuts, instant design icon
2001 - Power Mac G4 Cube, instant design icon
2001 - itunes debuts
2003 - iPod with all touch interface
2003 - Power Mac G5 debuts, instant design icon
2006 - Second gen. iPod Nano, very good design
2007 - iPhone debuts, instant design icon
2007 - Apple tries Apple TV
2008 - MacBook Air debuts, very good design
2010 - iPad debuts, instant design icon
2011 - Jobs resigns

Note that these are the products that I would call the design icons, or at least good attempts at ground breaking products. Some failed, most succeeded.

That’s 12 in 12 years. A year a product. Since 2011, I would say that Apple has been renewing product like a traditional company. That’s 2 years without even swinging for the fence. Yes, we should be scared that the era is over.

Scott & al. - Love the idea of using metals that patina. I think it’s a design dream to have a product that evolves with use.

Apple is mainly a software company that also does (not too shabby) hardware. Ive working on OS seemed like a good move to me in this regard.

Anyone see the Ellison interview on pbs the other day? I found it interesting where he said Apple would rather compete against Sony than Microsoft because Sony was more hardware company and they felt that they could bury them on the software side.

But back to the gold/champagne iphone, I hope Apple addresses the phone snatching problem with a built in software solution.

I like the champagne color and could see the appeal to a certain demographic. I hardly think its a case of “no innovation” or Steve rolling in his grave. Still classic looking (as per 70s marantz receivers, 50s brass, etc.). I would actually like to see a gold gold color as well. Would go well with the gold rim/Rolex hipster set, not to mention Asia market.

Jobs may have a pipeline of stuff done/in the works, but we all know how long a lead time these things take. Based on previous generation updates I didn’t ever expect nor hope for a major change at this point.

Plus, if the hardware is still best in class, why change it all up? A few more pixels here, lighter, change of materials, is still a step forward.


Pardon the pun, but the iPhone is still the gold standard. Even if some popular opinions say Samsung has the edge, the iPhone (and by default Apple) are still the bar to which all are measured. And they probably will be for some time.

I can see the appeal. Still won’t be using.

Very interesting indeed. You can see from the PS4/Xbox interfaces this is still largely true (at least from an aesthetic perspective). Sony’s looks like it hasn’t changed since my family got a VAIO tower in 1999. It is also very interesting to see how MS started getting way better after Bill Gates left. I’ve heard stories from about his ego trumping internal innovation.

That is the very definition of milking a cash cow.

Just wanted to mention the anti-bacterial effect , which i find very interesting on such a unhygenic product.

Can you clarify this? If it’s performance or sales, that’s certainly not accurate…I would argue that it’s also inferior in interface design. IMHO it only holds top marks in physical aesthetics (which it does with ease).