Going to ICFF. East village Vrs West village? WHERE TO STAY

I’m going to ICFF and have the opportunity to stay either at the East Village in a one bedroom on 173 Avenue A between 10 and 11 st or in a studio at 323 West 4th street, between Jane and West 12th street. Which location is better. I’m looking for safe, easy to walk to Soho, maybe easy access to Javitz. Being able to walk home at night with no problems after the events.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
Thank You

I live about 10min walk from 12th street.

I would take the studio, one you are close to the 1,9,2,3 and the L train at 14th st. 8th ave, and here you can get the A C E trains which will be good to going to the javits center. and the L train is good you can take that two stops to 14st. union square and then catch the R or W or 6 train downtown to soho. get off at prince st. with the R or W train(at this stop is the prada store and apple store in soho).

go to mta.info to get more info on the trains.

I am not too familiar with ave. A I know its not that bad. personally I think you could get into some trouble if you go too far into wondering around alphabet city if you dont know what your doing–

take a cab, cheap ass.
do you need your mommy to hold your hand when you cross the streets?

and then some bozo replies with instrucitons on how the subway was built.

Hey Flayhive
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