going to Berlin & Prague, any must see ID related stuff?

Going to Berlin with a week of free time (and Prague for a couple days), leaving tomorrow. Is there any places I must see that’s ID related. I know there’s tons of great architectures, any specifics? Too bad I don’t have time to go out of town to see the Bauhaus school, but also heard not much to see there besides the building itself. Thanks!

There’s the Bauhaus museum in Berlin itself. When I was in Berlin it was closed but I really wanted to go there. There’s also this free tour that focuses on the street art of the city; that’s really good. You should also be able to find info about it.

As for Prague, there’s not much ID stuff that I went to but there is one place to check out: The Beer Factory. It’s a pub where you start a table and pour your own drinks. There’s also a scoreboard to track how much you’ve gone through.

bauhaus museum is still closed - i walked for an hour to get there and it was being renovated - i think for a few more months. lots of nice architecture, but didn’t see to much ID stuff other than usual european design.

I’m in Berlin now, I came across the Bauhaus archives and it is open; the gallery part is under construction so no display pieces to see, but the self guided tour of the property itself was cool. They currently have a Bauhaus showing at another gallery (The Martin Gropius Bau)that’s pretty good, but more focused on the Bauhaus fine arts based (which I’m not too into); but I did get to see the original Red Blue Chair! Some weird stuff there, like proposals (not from Gropius) of architecture that’s pretty (IMO) horrendous in a 60’s kid’s sci-fi way (not the Bauhaus style you’d expect). Liking the Bauhaus archives more than I realized, I ended up taking a day trip to Dessau and visited the actual Bauhaus school and the masters houses. I can post picts if anybody wants to see them. The attention to details is amazing, right down to the light switches. There’s a permanent exhibit

I’ll try and track down the street art tour, I didn’t come across that in my book.

Sounds interesting. I would love to see the photos.