Going mad about schools need a lot of help here pleaaaaseeee

Hey everyone;
I really need u guys to help me out here.I tried for Fall 2005 but i could not get in as my portfolio and application materials were unprepared.I am trying for the spring quarter in 2006; but blast it i am not finding many schools offering ID .Can u guys PHULEEESEE suggest some schools ASAP i am running out of time and i would be grateful if u can help me out here.Once i get into a good school maybe ill come Visit ya and we can have a couple of beers and talk about Design …

cheers :smiley:

where did you apply? what are you looking for in a school? where do you want to go?

I have tried to find out if some schools are offering ID in spring2006 - i have a response only from SFSU, iit ID illinois and SCAD, I am waitng for a response from NCSU and Cinncinati., i work for GM and i am a mechanical engineer. i have around 2 years of experience and i wanna do my masters in ID.

If u have a school in mind for spring quarter do help me out here…

I am a little short on time so i thought ill move in spring

THanks for ur response.


It’s really hard to get in mid year- most design programs don’t do it. The coursework for most of them are tightly structured- especially for grad programs.

I’d say work to get into Fall '06 and spend the extra time making boatloads of cash you will need.