Going for a new direction...

I’m going for a new job with a pos retail design company, as i’ve had little experience within this sector but i think my experience in furniture/interior design would help me as i have all of the software requirements they are demanding.

My question/query is should i go to town selling myself, i need some new pieces in my portfolio and i had a flash of idiocy (inspiration) in the night, creating new portfolio pieces out of my portfolio and making into a popup book as the company deals with a large amount of cardboard retail units for large fashion brands.

The idea was to create a pop-up resume/portfolio and send it to them, as a case study of form, brand styling and demonstrating my various skills in animation, large 3d assembly giggery and conceptualizing within a flashdrive i would enclose on the last page of the popup book.

Is this a bit too informal or should i just create something a lot more fun, and eye-catching for the target market. (recent graduate, similar to myself) Would i be better off if it was formal, had strict styling on each page and wasn’t as showy of my personality and my attitude to design?

I don’t think that your idea is informal so much as you might get called out by people well versed in cardboard construction unless you do it really slick.

Keep in mind that in POP, Retail, and Exhibit design you really have to communicate with your portfolio how you can quickly understand a brand/product and apply that to an environment/display in a way that enhances a brand/product. It is a lot like combining environmental graphic design and environment/3D design. Being effective in this field, considering you’ll be working for a broad range of clients, is the ability to do quick research and “get” what they are all about so that you can effectively interpret it into the display, store, exhibit, etc. That also extends to researching their competitors as well as researching the context of the display that you’re designing, meaning looking at the store, mall, event, or tradeshow that the display will live in.

See the Alka-Seltzer thread in the Branding forum for some ideas, there’s some good stuff in regards to this industry there, and of course you can always hit up PackageID :smiley:

Cheers for the advice, Since my contract runs out early january i have been using my freetime to do some portfolio stuff (all in the vein of disregard females, aquire currency) I decided following your advice and pick two random brands and invent a new scent for them. one for chanel and one for criminal clothing (considering the company i am going for is doing all the stuff for diesel and a few random brands).

The branding and market research is pretty much a given, but its good to hear it again, i mean you can never beat that enough into a persons process, if you cannot keep track of your competitors or where the market is going you can never advance!