Godaddy email

Hey guys. I am using my godaddy email as it is connected to my domain name/website.

When I send out a cover letter with a 3.9mb portfolio attached … godaddy email is saying the outgoing message is a total of 5.3mb. So what gives?? Are people receiving a larger file?

Try sending it to yourself and see. Maybe you could use a public folder on Dropbox instead. You can use this signup link and get some more space (since I’m inviting you)

Even better, use Google Apps.

Set up your domain to be handled by Google, use their email system (using your address).

Through google apps, there are dropbox type arrangements where you can provide people the equivalent of ftp access to your files rather than clog up your email.

Far better way of collaborating.

From yahoo mail’s help:

“Attachments must be encoded so that other email programs can read them. Encoding attachments can add about 33% to their original size. So a 1.5MB attachment can turn into roughly a 2MB attachment after encoding.”

I assume this happens elsewhere as well.

Though as an aside, my work webmail is with GoDaddy, and it seems pretty clunky compared to gmail or other web-based options. It’s fine for the rare times I use it, but probably not the best for everyday use.

We just started using Office365, and I have to say I’m very impressed. Seamless between browsers, Outlook, Mac, PC, mobile, the works. Everything is constantly in sync. We had Gmail, and had major issues with Spam getting caught and not showing up in Outlook or iPhones. That’s ultimately why we switched.

good to know…considering we’re on the verge of switching to Google…

Yeah, so Office365 is completely down today…

I’ve used godaddy for years. No bells, no whistles, but I’ve never seen it go down ever. Really the primary function of email is for me to be able to get it and read it! :wink:

I imagine there has to be a way to set up GoDaddy with IMAP and syncing to calendar, etc…this is all what I like about google. And it is free, minus the domain registration. I am also a fan of the Google Docs collaboration environment along with Google Apps.

There is something intrinsically satisfying to plug in a calendar event on my iPhone and have it pop up instantly on my webmail and laptop calendars. It is comforting from the perspective of someone who relies very heavily on things like calendar events and eliminating the step of having to sync via cable is huge.

I looked into google apps… I am confused about one thing. It says you create your email right. So if I was to create the same email that I am currently using through godaddy what happens?? Should I be making a separate email altogether?

Yes. Because somewhere there’s a server hosting your MX record for your email. You’ll need to change that in order to change email servers. It’s not the simplest of tasks, I’d recommend someone who does IT professionally help you out.

I use google apps for your domain. Like all google stuff it’s a blessing and curse bid it works it’s great but with no support it can also be a nightmare. I’ve been using multiple gmails for personal and work for a while now but recently switched to apple mail for access instead of web access. Best of both worlds though I’m looking at switching hosting to a real host instead of the blogger/custom domain/GAFYD thing.