gobblde gook and technobabbl...when will designers stop

On the verbage front, it smacks of the old days when catholic mass was in latin, and how much of scientific naming is in latin too, its inter tribal language.

yeah… minimalism with a twist…

it’s not really about the decoration on the surfaces, but the surfaces themselves… thats where the twist is… is this where you’re coming from?

Nothing stay the same. Organism mutates and develops itelligence.

thats some of it for sure, with more complex surfaces being possible. more what i mean however was the clever use of “wit”… clever mixing of materials (ie. wood, felt, cork, etc. + traditional plastics, metal, etc.), duality of functions (not in an alarm-clock-mp3player-coffee-marker kinda way mind you), twist of proportion/scale (ie. making small things big and vice versa), or taking things out of context (ie. those silver cast rings that look like pipe fixings, starck gun lamps, etc.).