gobblde gook and technobabbl...when will designers stop

hiding behind babble such as this.
“Maximalism is our future. Maximalism is the end of good taste. Maximalism moves the border of good taste a little further and thereby makes room for emergent futures.”

A quote that good deserves attribution – who?

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

It was bound to happen. Very clever. Yin/Yang . . . .

Dutch architecture critic Michiel van Raaij examines Mazda’s bold new design language.

More like Mad Maximalism…beyond Thunderdome…Who run Barter Town!?

that’s the biggest difference between Arch. and ID - all the B.S. we don’t have to spew to be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world responds to verbal spewage. Many of these high profile designers/architects have a PR (public relations) firms that are hired to provide “spewage” to many editors at large - folks that’s how it’s done if you want to get “known.”

When I had my own fragrance line my publicist got my fragrance into the set of Ally McBeal, Allure magazine and slew of other publications coupled with nice verbal spewage. :unamused:

What I took from the post is just that we are moving into a new decorative age. I don’t think I’m alone, but I’m thinking about art-nouveau more and more. I think the Mazda’s organic surfacing shares something in common with that movement.

The architect failed to make any sense in generating a new term for this trend. It’s weird how no one has a problem saying they are creating modernist designs, but no one wants to admit creating anything that follows any other movement. Maybe they are afraid of being dated or being called uncreative. I don’t know.

Well, then. I’m going to bring back Art Deco. We need more Chrysler buildings!!!

hahaha look at the art critic what a tard he talks funny…

seriously? is that what we’re doing here? Maybe you can’t get past the flowery language, but it is true that we are moving into a new era, not just in design language, but in art as well. I agree with 914, I can definately see art nouveau in a lot of the most ground breaking images and forms. Modernism has been over since the 70’s, which is about the time someone here seems to have given up.

And even I can tell where it has come from, I would be willing to bet that the first solid modeling programs didn’t do complex surfaces well, correct? Sort of like the first machines didn’t do organic shapes well? Then as the technology gets better, we can do more to mimick nature? Art nouveau then, and for instance fan blades shaped like whale fins now.

I can think of someone here that talks about how nothing is new, everything has been done 30 years ago etc. Did that all of the sudden change? Its all a big cycle, but hopefully when the same ideas come around again, there are some new people that didn’t burn out the last time to freshen and expand on them.

damn betcha!

Yes its a bit of “talk funny” more of enigma’s “verbal spewage” for spewage sake, in the end the talker dosnet enlighten his audiance so his communicatino fails. Much of masda’s new thing is reminsint of collatti in the 70’s on steroids, organic flowing shapes x3.

zip. gotta disagree with you… i think these forms in the automotive context are totally new… and the idea does stem from deconstructivist architecture… (hence the Zaha Hadid plug).

its easy to say, “yeah they did that in the 70’s” but did they really?

maximalism… give it a second to sink in… its NOT MINIMALISM…
not that i would say we’re in a minimalist state right now, but he’s saying it’s somewhat of a counter-movement to whats else is going on…

isn’t that the point of technology and art? to progress? to do something new? i don’t think this is bullshit… yeah, the guy speaks in flowery architectural-critic speak, but he is actually saying something…

so, why didn’t you retire on dec 31/79? What else did you have left to do? lol

waited till 2003

Ok gray, i see where you comming from, the excesses remind me more of gaudi than anything else. I see a phrase like he used and thing “either he is just trying to muddy the waters or is speaking to a select frew, a art version of valley speak”.

oh MY god becky, …like, that car, like, is so TOTALLY oversurfaced…

I wonder how it would do in a car wash :laughing:

ha! In university the ID dept. was in a building adjacent to the Arch dept. and can vouch for this overhearing many an arch crit.

“this concept is a 6 dimensional appropriation of a contextual juxtaposition in view of societys’ balance between the inner and outer space of consciousness with respect to the egalitarian divide in our roles as human controllers of spatial manipulation…”

(translation, this is where the door goes) :wink:

but really… all BS aside, there is a time and place for marketing speak i believe. It can actually help sell a concept, convince a user and change perceptions, for good and for bad. some is over the top for sure ( i really have no idea what the OP is all about), but good marketing copy with a few $10 words in it can have an effect on brand/product perception. i’ve written enough to know…

art nouveau, beaux-arts resurgence. perhaps, but ive been hearing about that already for 5 years, an aside from a few nice graphic wallpapers and crystal chandelier/mounted antler thing, i think its really more a fad or trend than long evolution of a new cultural style/approach. on the contrary, i actually believe there is a new formalism that is gaining momentum. think minimalism, but with a twist. examples include lots of the new art+design projects from Moooi, droog and others, plus pretty much anything posted to http://www.notocot.org the http://www.designspongeonline.com style of everything with birds, crafts and flowers is, IMHO well past its “cool” date.