I am learning Go Live…not easy to teach yourself. All I want to do is up load a very basic page. It is just an image I created in Photoshop and cut an paste into Go Live-when I try to preview, it only gives me the little square with the X in it…bad link, I think. Any advice on how to get this simple image only page-no links, no rollovers… would be greatly appreciated! I just want to get my company’s identity on the net…thank you! This is just a temporary solution, I just want people to see our logo when the go to that site.

I am not sure how much you know about HTML but I think your problem is not Go Live. You must upload the image (logo) to your host as well as the web page. If the code in you page is telling it to look for the image in a folder on your computer you will never see the image. It must point to the place it sits on your host location.


hope that makes sesnse