gm skateboard made real ok folks fire up you tablets and design some cool bodies for this puppy.

Now we’re talkin’. But I did not see any mention on top speed… . . delivery vehicles are one thing, but a personal vehicle should be capable of at least 55mph ( I would think).

In the mid 1800’s small companies started offering components to build carriages, wagons, coaches, etc. ; wheel hubs, axles, spokes, forged metal hardward, coach lamps, springs, seats, etc. The result was that the “carriage industry” burgeoned, and the cost of purchasing a “vehicle” went down significantly, allowing the common guy to have what had previously been available only to the wealthy.

top speed over 100 and 0-60 in about 9 sec

top speed over 100 and 0-60 in about 9 sec

Cooooooooooooool, an electric go-kart! Bolt on a lawn chair and you’re off.

I didn’t investigate the link. Ready to run, how much? $20K?