GM Full-size SUVs

A couple of weeks ago we were looking at spy shots of the test mules. GM has released press photos and info on their new full-size SUVs.

Personally I like the clean and uncluttered designs. Especially in the beltline. The current SUVs have that organic beltline that always looked quirky to me. The new one is more technical, mature, and precise. And check out how they closed up the gaps on the front end to improve not only quality but aero too.

As for the powertrain, I’m impressed about the MPG you get from this beast on the highway.

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Pretty bad time to launch a full size SUV imo.

God it just allways kills me with gM products how nothing lines up. Like the radius at the base of the a pillar is small, then the one on the front side of the c pillar is big, and the ones on the back of the c pillar are really small. The radius on the side glass on the d pillar doesn’t match that of the hatch. the angle of the glass to where it transitions into the tail light is just different enough to look like an accident, the design is pretty smooth and soft and then this sharp head lamp wrapps arround… and on and on

I’ve always hated GM vehicles, and when I say HATE I mean it.

Chevy - junk then, now , and forever
Pontiac - junk, they just now got '90’s japanese styling,
Oldsmobile - dead and gone (thank you),
Buick - should be dead and gone,
Saturn - nice try at making a Toyota, junk
Cadillac - lets make everything look like an F-111, junk
GMC - gas guzzling, 1 mpg superjunk
Hummer - H1 (no?), H2 (no?), H3 (no?), the incredible shrinking junk

And I feel sorry for all the foreign brands that now have to share parts with the aforementioned junk.