Glue for Polyurethane Resin Parts

Been coming Core 77 since college ('03! SMH I’m old) but this is my first post! Woo.

Anyway, I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what the best glue would be for bonding polyurethane resin prototype parts. Clear glue would be best. The parts are Shore Hardness 35A, 50A and 75A, so some flexibility would be good too.

Some quick googling made it sound like super glue / cyanoacrylate, or Sil-Poxy would work. I also have some DAP “All-Purpose Adhesive Sealant - %100 Silicone” that I’m wondering might be good?

All advice is appreciated! Thanks,


rubber modified cyanoacrylate.

Thanks Dan!

Maybe Loctite Black Max 380 Cyanoacrylate… but its black.

I’ve glued thousands of rigid pu parts and the two things I’ve had the most success with are

-if you can modify/rough the surface polyamide hot melt works but its thick and dimensional

-if you can’t modify the surface, alcohol prep + loctite primer + loctite 401
i’ve skipped the primer when i didn’t have it but the alcohol makes a huge difference

It might be worth noting all my applications were decorative and none of the joints ever did any work.