GLUE brittle hard plastic buttons to Base Metal or Silver

I want to glue old plastic buttons onto metal (cheap stud-earing backings) and the finished product must be strong (it will be worn as jewellery) and the glue must dry clear and have some space filling properties as sometimes the buttons do not have flat backs…
I have tried hot glue (which melts, but is flexible which goes a long way to keeping them going longer than it should) and about every type of bostic and UHU type glues and am slowly going out of my mind.
this is how i fund my degree and im getting too many returns to be able to keep doing this for much longer…

two part epoxy? in a well ventilated area…

Rough up the surfaces before you glue too. You’ll get a better bond.

Did you try clear silicone?

Cyanoacylate based adhesives (super glue) might work for you- some of them have a gel texture that can fill gaps a bit. And it cures fast. Epoxy is ideal, but you really need to be setup to do a big batch of parts at once, otherwise you’ll be constantly mixing. The key to successful gluing is maximizing surface area- get the biggest pad possible on your earring studs. You can get them up to 12mm diameter- with that much bonding area, the adhesive choice is less important.

Check these out:

As an alternative to epoxy, I’d recommend trying a product called “Goop” It’s thick and can space fill, but you don’t have to mix it like epoxy. It also remains flexible once dry (and resistant to shocks and bump, unlike brittle superglue). Nearly as strong as super glue though. There are a variety of kinds, but I prefer the original formula.

One thing to note, when it first starts to dry, it gets “crumbly” and may seem like it’s not working, give it some time to set up, though.

I’ve successully stuck it to smooth plastics (pvc, polypropelene, polyethelyn) as well as metals and ceramics.

I agree with this Scott Bennett on trying Cyanoacrylate, much better for quick production work. Try medical grade super glue, stronger than regular old super glue and comes more gel texture so it does not run as much. Something like Loctite 4011, I have used this with good results on RP parts (capillary action). You can also get a Cyanoacrylate Accelerator for instant hardening on contact.

isn’t baking soda an accelerator for cyanoacrylate?

I heard of baking soda in water working but never tried it. I use zip kicker most of the time, smells strange but does the job. 404 - PAGE NOT FOUND If you get the stuff don’t use the spray use a cotton swap qtip you don’t want to spray this stuff in the air over and over again.