GlucaShield: diabetes emergency kit for children

The GlucaShield is a small, simple and light weight product for children having diabetes and for parents of those children. It is an emergency kit for kids that unexpectedly fall into a severe hypo, losing there consiousness. Bystanders, care takers or teachers can easily help the kid with the GlucaShield and give it an injection so that it stabilizes, after which a doctor should be called.

Besides being an emergency kit, the product is meant to give parents more peace of mind, knowing that their child is carrying such product that helps them in a hypo situation. The product makes the diabetes condition a topic to talk about with teachers and care takers and give tools to help them by unexperienced people.

Nice project, like an epi-pen for those with severe allergies, just having it helps.

I’d be curious to know the process/story behind the forms and colors.

Cool project, and very cool solution. It addresses as problem that needed attention, as I have a few friends whos children have diabetes. Often they would keep glucagon kits with them, or pack it with their kids. But the kit is not always with them, and should something happen, I doubt teachers or caretakers would know where to find it. Your solution appears simple, intuitive, and puts the product where it needs to be.

Also, a good video for giving the product context.

ah, didn’t see the video! VERY NICE!

Great concept… very compelling video

Thanks for your great feedback. At the moment we are looking for partners for further development of the product. We are in negotiation with one company in Amsterdam, but if you guys know of companies that have a distribution channel in the medical world and deliver diabetes products, we are most happy to hear about them.