glossy TV bezel

I`m harassed by glossy frame of my flat LCD TV.
Can anyone tell me how to turn it to a matte one.


If you’re asking how to make a glossy display matte - you can’t, it’s simply a difference in the construction of the display panel.

I mean a bezel, not display…

Paint it.

wrap it in vinyl. Search matte black car thread for examples.

i found that Vehicle Wraps & Clear Bra Installation Services in Los Agnes | Sticker City, is it OK?

sand it?

sanding will make reselling unthinkable in the future

If you plan on selling it then just do the vinyl. Though you can probably find cheaper stuff. The link you listed would probably be $50-75 to get enough to cover a decently large screen.

Just make sure you don’t wind up gouging the plastic anyways when you have to trim back the vinyl. Also might be a bit tricky to get the corners wrapped (vinyl tends to not like hard square corners like on a TV).

thanks, Cyberdemon!


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