Glossy logo on plastic housing (3D print)

Anybody ever tried to recreate such a thing with a 3D print? Our first idea was to cut out a glossy sticker, but the logo might be too small to cut… Any other ideas?

What you want is difference in surface texture, the logo being smooth and the rest rough. Depending on the 3D-print method you choose the rough one will already be rough (SLS).

Extrude the logo up and then either “shave” the extrusion with a really sharp chisel or something. You can also try filing or melting.

The easiest it to just print the surface, sand it smooth, paint it gloss, then mask off the logo and paint it with a textured paint. Otherwise you might be able to get a texture like that through painting, and just mill (cnc) out the logo. Painting it with a two step process seems super easy though…just make sure you leave time in for letting the paint cure before you mask it!

Sand it all smooth, paint the glossy area and the mask and bead blast is another option over paint with texture… or use a flat matte paint and increase the distance that you spray and allow the “mist” of the paint to create the texture. I find this easier then using “textured” paint/