Global trends affecting industrial design

Hey everyone I am new to these forums so first I’d like to say hi. I am coming to you guys for some advice/help. I am currently a senior at Philadelphia University majoring in Industrial Design. I am taking a course titled contemporary perspectives. We have to write a paper on a global trend that affects our field of study. I am coming to you guys to see if you can point me in the direction of some global trends that you think affect our design field. It can not simply be sustainability and must have an impact on other countries not just here in the United States. Thank so much for you help. Any feedback/disscussion would be great.

try this link 10 megatrends toward 2020 by the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (Its down toward the bottom)

an interesting one that could affect design is the growth of elderly populations.

I’ve also read somewhere that the new Asia/Chinese economic boom could start affecting aesthetics worldwide too, because of the volume they would be producing.