Global Illumination 3DS Max

Hi everyone,

I’m currently rendering a product and am trying to increase my knowledge of mental ray; think i’m getting there with final gather, but it appears global illumination is also the thing to use, but when i turn it on it seems to have little effect on the rendered image. If anyone has any tips I would be most grateful.

Thanks :smiley:

Gi deals with the behavior of bounced light, particularly how it takes on color. It is the more processor intensive, but much more realistic, method to calculate “ambient” lighting. Depending on your scene, it may have little noticeable effect. Wiki has more info:

Theres a lot of complexity involved with FG and GI. It’s a bit overwhelming so I’d suggest you spend some time reading on what it requires, what the settings control, and how to get the effects you want.

Personally when I was doing Mental ray product type stuff I never found a real need to use GI. Like was mentioned GI is great for interior scenes where you want colors to transfer around. If you’re doing a product shot on a white background, it doesn’t necessarily buy you any improvement in rendering quality.

I found that just by using FG I was able to get really good results, though I haven’t done a full on rendering since college. Ever since the advent of Alias Hardware shade and Showcase the abilty to do something nearly as good AND in real time just took over the need for it.

I got a Gnomon workshop DVD that was specific to Maya but was pretty good at covering the tech behind Mental Ray. Maybe check to see if any of there Max Rendering DVD’s would be good for you.

I’m using Maya 2008 and missing mental ray materials.? Under lighting/shading>assign new material>… there should be some shaders to be used with mental ray. The shaders are missing, please help so that I can get them listed again. Thanks.

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