Global design

Wondering if anyone has experienced issues re the value of the U.S.Dollar vs the Pound and Euro in pricing Global design programs.

Wow, imagine if you are a Canadian firm. You could work twice the rate of the brits and still be a better value…assuming the client didn’t care where the firm was located.
This makes me curious about Asian or Indian design firms. We are seeing a business environment that says, we can fly to Taiwan or Shenzen, buy something off the shelf, relabel it and it won’t cost anything over the normal piece part price. -Design and engineering are free!

When we have submitted and won quotes against firms based in the UK, Germany and Hong Kong we have not factored in the rate of exchange on anything other than expenses.

I am sorry, I misunderstand the topic

Lesun, I’m not sure I understand what your note means.

Aaron, Isn’t it important that say, the pound is almost twice the dollar? Why should that not be a factor when quoting?

Mark, thanks

I just told the enquire or problems when I collaborate with other design