Glimpses of the past...

I have been collecting original automobile design and illustration art for a few years.

Please visit my cardesignart blog and online gallery for a look at nearly 90 years of design history from Detroit’s styling studios.

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Brett Snyder

Truly inspirational. Thank you for archiving these and making them available to all! I love the context it provides to todays work.

You might like to check out this compilation of vintage sketches of all kinds we have been compiling here:

Thanks Michael!

It’s funny - I own a few of John Samsen’s originals that are in that other thread. And I just acquired a few more from him.

So please keep in mind if you know of any automotive designer that’s cleaning out their closet or looking to turn their old drawings into cash - please contact me.


Brett Snyder

I’m still digging through the gallery… it’s endless! Great stuff.

awesome stuff! thanks for posting the link.


I just added some notable pieces to my collection.

Check out designs from Raymond Lowey, Virgil Exner and Syd Mead in the 1960’s section of the Concept Art Gallery.