Glide’n Lock

Glide’n Lock or GnL

Has anybody else been contacted through Coroflot by these guys.?

Nope, but you know what, I was just thinking today, we could do with a bit more sharing info here on Core - I’ve had lots of enquiries via Coroflot recently and as soon as I mention a deposit - they are never to be seen or heard of again.

Basically, I think we should all be excercising caution to protect ourselves, not everyone who wants design work from you is willing to pay you.

Especially in times like these.

I like to ask lots of questions before I take clients anyway. I feel it’s a non-combative way of helping them see if they’re ready for me.

I’m pretty sure you’re heard this before but just to emphasize, do not do work until you are paid a deposit.

If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of ballpark percentage of a project is the norm for an initial deposit? -Thanks!



Depends on the project. If it’s smaller, I ask for 50. If it’s larger 25-30% with strict benchmarks along the way.

Thanks guys. Nice watch design too “Design coterie”…

I appreciate it. Which one?

I thought this one was pretty nice…