I’ve been wearing contacts the past 6 months for some reason, but before that I hadn’t worn contacts in years.

These are two of the pairs I wear now:

Mine are a shiny gunmetal on the rims and a matte gunmetal on the sides.

These are the ones I’m wearing in my little avatar that I drew

Wow, all of you have some great frames! Guess these aren’t the ones typically found in the mall LensCrafters.

I had Lasik done a few years ago so no more glasses or contacts for me, but I do miss the accessorizing.

If anyone is interested in having the procedure done, ping me with your questions. It’s a little pricey though…$4K.

but with lasik, how will anyone know you are a designer :wink:

current fatties.

I know several people with perfect eyesight who wear specs just for ‘the look.’

Yeah, I’ve often thought about just getting a pair of cool frames with standard lenses in them.

Any web links to good online stores selling designer frames?

man i need a new set.

Actually, the first pair I posted are from Eye Masters, and the second ARE from LensCrafters in the maill! :wink:

Just got these Ermenegildo Zegna’s:

…And yes, they’re from LensCrafters! Have you seen their new retail design??



Rockin’ these right now…

Just retired my MYKITA’s in favor of these Fleye’s (from Denmark)

I really wanted a pair of Orgreen’s but, sadly, my head is too big for them. This physical impairment did save me $100 on the frames though…

This topic makes me sad. A few months ago my favorite glasses were run over by a horde of 10-year-olds, shattering into a million pieces. Now I’m stuck with my ugly backup pair until I have disposable income again :frowning:

I love sunglasses, but I never wear them. Maybe I need to live someplace more sunny so I have an excuse.

Anyone remember these?

Quite possibly the oldest Serengeti Drivers on the North American continent; I have somehow managed to keep these since I bought them in 1984(?). They set me back $98, I think it was. Wifie calls them my “Cop Shades”. :sunglasses:

No longer pristine, they have been to the opticians for replacement temple hinges a number of times; there is a spec of weld-splatter on the left lens (distractingly close to my line of sight). But hey, they’re vintage, and I’m too cheap to spring $199 for a new pair; new temples and a tune up; $23.

And since you already know I’m cheap, you might as well know that eye wear only Dr. Dean Edell’s finest; these are 2.25s. I have a draw full of others down at the shop. I used to be able to read vernier calipers without glasses; now I need 2.75’s. They can be purchased at finer drug stores nationwide; $10.95

ha. I also have a pair of similar rayban “cop shades” from my mom. I think they must be at least from the early 80s…

Those Rx glasses are hot. Might have to check my local drugstore for a pair! Nice! very hipster.


You’d need skinny jeans and bed-head hair to pull it off…

well i have no hair, and don’t do skinny jeans… oh well :slight_smile:


So you DON’T look like this guy then?

It’s definitely for the better.

I do like these aviators from Retrospecs (the absurdly overpriced vintage glasses company)

nope. not me - got none of those things… i take pride in only re-subverting some elements of the hipster subversion :wink:

I got new glasses about six months ago. Actually spent some $$$ and went designer brand: Hugo Boss. Somber but unique.

I shopped for weeks to find frames that I liked (and they liked me). I went to mall eye stores and boutique stores. I was amazed at the price of frames & lenses (I usually buy my glasses in HK or China). I finally found a great set of frames at the most unlikely of locations.

Consumer Reports just named them #1 in selection vs. value. I have to agree. The price was so good I bought two (regular and prescription sunglasses - an indulgence). Warning - not a lot of exotic Japanese or German frames, but some designer names and cool looks. No - I don’t work for Costco and this isn’t a plug-post.