any pointers to simple and good design guides for glass sheet and plate. Furniture applications.

Most interested in technical issues: thickness, cantilevers, bridge distances and deflection, fabrication specifications and things to look out for.

It’s strange, I’ve had parts manufactured in almost all materials and processes, but never glass.

I’ve done quite a bit of glass work. Most of it is purely decorative, but when needed I’ve worked with structural engineers. Here’s a nice little application that will give you an idea about what thickness and how much deflection with the weight applied.

There are also some amazingly cool stainless steel hardware manufacturers out there for making walls, doors, etc. using glass.

that’s for laminated safety glass. most furniture pieces use just tempered.

Yes, but you can do laminated tempered with clear interlayers and get a stronger piece with a thinner profile. It’s all about what you’re trying to do.

If you want to talk to a great glass company call these guys

Great link NURB, some very nice stuff!