Glass Manufacturers


I’m looking for a manufacturer for a glass object (think wine glasses), preferably in Canada or the US (even better if in Ontario), but anywhere is fine. I’m looking on my own too, but wanted to check if anyone here has anyone to recommend.



Here’s one local to me in the SF Bay Area:

I’m sure you can find one closer to you, maybe in the Seattle area where the Pilchuck Glass School is located?

There’s this remarkable resource called “Google”…

How many? What process?

I’m sorry “a” was probably a bad word to use, I was looking more for full scale manufacturing. I have done some research on google and elsewhere (my best return was actually from looking through the episodes list of How It’s Made), but a recommended source is usually better :slight_smile: .
As far as process goes, I’m thinking press and blow for the top bit, and to my knowledge they use some process other than pressing or blowing for the bottoms… I’m new to glass so I’m hoping to get some help from the manufacturer as far as capabilities go