Glass Flat Pannel Speakers?

I was looking around the mall in Indy last weekend, and came across an electronics store that had these tempered glass speakers. They were literally a 12" x 12" and 4" x 6" sheet of colored tempered glass. The sound they emitted was comparable to my Bose, crisp, clear, and realistic.

I was wondering if anyone had seen speakers like this? Who might manufacture them? How the technology works? I have found devices that can produce sound from any smooth surface… However there were only two small @ .5" Diameter metal mounting disks that both connected the speaker to the wall, and a small @ 1" x .75" box containing the IR eye. Totally wireless connection to the CD/DVD player which featured exposed disk operation. Whole thing was $9k.

Any suggestions on were I could locate additional information will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks as Always

Do you know the brand of the system? Can you go back to find out about it?

I have heard of devices using window or glass as speakers, but have not seen an actual one before. The soundbug produces ok sound quality, good for people who aren’t looking for sound quality.

If you go to soundbug’s website and watch their “how it works” video, you will find that they are actually targeting young teens who just want something cool.

It is very similar to these, however did not have the suspension wires or “CD” looking thing in the middle. There was no company logo, aor brand name on the device. The store was a high-tech electronics store, mainly just an importer like sharper image. The sales clerk looked it up and it was listed only as “Glass Pannel Home Entertainment System”.

But the sound was cristal clear, and reproduced the full spectrom of sounds.

Only cords from the speakers were two very small “hair sized” power cables, clear plastic with gold coated copper wire inside.

OMG!!! All powers to you! Thanx a million!

Now, is that thing expensive because it’s exclusive, or because the R&D did cost that much? The SoundBug is priced at around $25, targets young teens who just want something cool to play with. I guess this is for Ferrari owners.