Glass design master course (preferrably in Italy)?

Do anyone on these boards know of any glass design schools? Any who offers one year master degrees?

IED in Venice offered such a course in 2007, but we haven’t been able to find any information for 2008 or 2009.

Any suggestions and tips will be appreciated!

have you looked into apprenticing yourself?

No, since I didn’t ask the question for myself, but rather my girlfriend. :wink:

However, she wants a master, just to have it on paper, so to speak.

But also, again, it would be best if the apprentice position would be in Italy… but to get one with someone who is English speaking?

But next to Sweden, isn’t Italy the world’s most reknown glass producing country? Surely there must be more than one school who teaches glass?

an English Masters would be someplace like RIT or RISD, (where they teach the Italian tecniques). Milan/Venice are the historic centers of the craft I’m not sure you have to study there to gain the skills however.

Does she want to teach? Because there is really no reason to get a Masters unless that’s your goal. To become either an artist or craftsperson she just needs to get a job where she can learn.

and if she just wants to get paid to blow glass - the Chineese are learning that very fast and putting small artisans out of business here in the States.