Glasgow School of intense as american ID programs?

i was rejected from risd this yr and have decided that i’m going to seriously consider applying to the glasgow school of art for '10. my only question/concern is whether art/design programs overseas are truly comparable in their level of intensity. i ask this simply because i spent four yrs at the university of st andrews in scotland and typically had 10-15 hrs a week of classes + out of class work (compared to 40+ hrs for many of my friends at american universities). to be honest, i’d rather not be so overworked that i’m looking forward to vacations (as i’ve heard some US programs can be), but i also don’t want to have 2hrs a day of class and free time up the wazoo.
any insight would be appreciated.


IMO any school can be as busy as you want it to be. During down time I find myself in the workshops for personal projects. At the same time I’ve never seen some of my classmates set foot in the workshops even for school projects.