givinggravity - portfolio site

questions, comments, concerns, reviews, thoughts. anything accepted. thanks for looking.

wow, that bad eh? 148 views and not one comment…

visually, it is a bit scattered to me. I think a good benchmark for the blog style folio is THE NATE:

I like it. I think it could be cleaned up a bit. Your background is a bit fuzzy. Also everything in your banner seems to be surrounded by yellowing. Other than that I see nothing wrong with it.

thanks for the comments guys. i’ll see what i can do to work your suggestions in. like i said, it’s always going to be a work in progress, so there will always be something to tweek or change up a bit. :smiley:

i’ve changed up the site a bit. still the same blog style, just different colors and fonts and whatnots.

any feedback would be greatly appreciated. thanks for looking!