Give us a name!

ok, guys… I know this is asking a lot but my brain is melting down trying to come up with a good name for our new design bureau.

Its a small Swedish bureau specialised in material innovations and the use of them. Mainly industrial design, in other words. We want our name to be playful and visionary. Would love it if it had a twist to it as well. Or it could also just sound nice. We’re desperate!

So far we’ve come up with:
Pipe dreams

But we are not really satisfied with any of them.

Please share your ideas!

I hesitate “helping” with naming, but rather than say I like this or don’t like that, I will simply add to your frustration and provide you with more names to supplement your analysis paralysis. Besides, my 3 month old just slept for 9 hours straight, so I am down right giddy…

Mix Master
WeeSearch (Not Research, Weesearch…as in "fun"research)
Vitamin D
SoundsNice Design (hehe)

Man, I could go on for days…this is fun :wink:

I dunno, I personally dont like all those too clever designy names. Too many design shops have stuff like that and I dont think they really stand the test of time or say much to a potential client.

Also always reminds me of how certain industries tend to be so narrow sometimes in names and identities…

…just think of all the hair/nail salons with some “clever” pun (Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, A Cut Above, etc.)

or how all the new web 2.0 apps do some deviant spelling with lowercase or forget vowels or make up words (flickr, Odeo, etc.)

I just think a name should not be trendy unless the business is supposed to not be around for long.

Just my $0.02


What kind of industries do you work for? Where are your clients located?

This info could be useful for you:

What about “Paradigma”? :slight_smile:

Bureau Of Material Innovation…


Bureau Of Material Innovation…

mm. thats good. clever but still kinda old school and formal. and pretty communicative of what you do.

maybe throw design in there too.

Bureau of Design and Material Innovation

like Department of Food and Agriculture or ATF (Alcohol Tabacco and Firearms)

TITs Design
“Material you gotta have”

If you want Swedish, how about:


or even…

smörgåsbord (is that Swedish?) or smörgåsbureau

If you are looking at materials and Swedish, how about:

Suede (closest material to a Swede)

…i’ve always wanted to use ‘square one’, but you can have it if you want…

Seven… or Soda

(had to throw in a George Costanza reference!)

Fanx, it really is a hard nut to crack but you helped us along I must say. We’ll give it another go over the weekend and make up our mind on Monday. I’ll see if I can post the list of rejected names. Who knows, maybe they can be useful to someone else.

Thanks again!


hope its not too late but is… INNOVA …kinda lame?





or… this is addicting!

Turd Polish

Turd Polish


Now that’s spit-take material.

From a business stand point the name shouldn’t be more than two syllables (or at least that’s what they taught me). Plus you don’t want it to be to gimmicky to a point that possible clients pass you up because they didn’t even know you were an Industrial design bureau/firm. Maybe look at the mission statement or have a round table meeting with those involved and come up with three to five words that represent what your company stand for or are striving to be. Then again I know people who randomly pick words out of the dictionary splice them together and are doing just fine.