Give me your design voice please

Hi everyone

Kindly response my topic

Now i am writing my thesis, and my topic is about helping Indonesia artisans through design point of view and my project is to connect artisans and designer through traveling. So i create a trip planner for designers to visit artisans they interest in Bali, in which during the trip they will have a private workshop with artisans they interest and they can learn and experiment new design help the artisans do design innovation. Besides Craft tour, the service provide city tour to explore the city guided by savvy local designer

So i need feed back from designer, will you willing to use this planning service to visit artisans in Bali?

Please give me response as soon as possible…
Thanks :smiley:

it’s a very interesting idea, particularly to the one-off or small batch crowd.
you need to list some of the kinds of expertise that would be available for research or resourcing before anyone could make a desicion to go.

These types of messages make me nervous. Can you provide some info to show that this is legit. This sound a bit like Spam to me, but I may be wrong.

No this is not a spam… i am asking to get direct feedback for my thesis

My idea is to create a trip planner service for designer to visit artisans in Bali, in the same time do sightseeing.
The aim is to bring more designer works with artisans

besides trip planner any suggestion what kind of things you would like to have with the artisans? besides learning and seeing they’re working and experiment together?

please reply mee… i need inputs

Sounds like a good idea for a variation on professional tourism, which is said to be growing in popularity. The key for me to buy into something like this and actually book-it would be believing that the logistics were highly reliable and resolved and that the accommodations related to the trip were suitable. It would also be important that the places I visited had quality designers/artisans and that they understood/saw value in the nature of the exchange. I would hate to get someplace and have them think I was there to buy 100000 baskets or something.