Give me some help....

I have a very broad start for my next design project. We are starting by identifying 3 problems or questions that need a design solution. So please give me some suggestions, somewhere to start because i have never been faced with this before. By the way this is specifically for product design, so it can do with any type of product exluding transportation…Thanks guys

the best design solves real problems in the everyday lives of users, that includes your life.

why don’t you just think of anything that you have ever had a problem with, and then you can design yourself a solution.

there are an infinite amount of possiblities, but I bet if you just go through your day tomorrow and pay attention to anything that seems difficult or uncomfortable or unnatural and you will have a list of more than just 3 problems that YOU will WANT TO SOLVE. That is when the best design should emerge, it solves a real problem for YOU, the user.

heres a few to get you started in morning. why is it so difficult to squeeze toothpaste out of the tube when it is near the end? how do I know how old my toothbrush is? how come I need a “holder” for my razor - can’t it just stand up for storage? How can I keep the soap on the tray in the shower without slipping off? Why is it so difficult to change the toilet paper roll? How can I clean the hair out of the drain without touching it? How can I keep my stuff in the shower organized when I have roomates who are messy with their things? do razors really need 5 blades to give a close shave, isn’t a single edge blade more effective? why is shaving cream always in a can that forces me to use my hands, is there a way to apply it directly to my face?

good luck, get creative, and solve real problems.

wow, its so clear to me now. Really, thank you very much… I feel quite silly now for not having realized this simple way of going about this design phase.