give me some advice (about my career)

I am a junior product designer started this January. I am working at big and famous electronic company. (sorry, can’t mention the name)
I have worked only 8 months so far. but… It’s so hard… I mean here is crazy about work… I am working through whole week… and weekend…
There is no time for myself… I am working from 8:30 AM to 10 ~12 PM (sometimes till around 3 am)
Now. I am thinking … working in this company for 2 years… and quit…

what you think about this…

I think you’re a glutton for punishment. Leave now unless they give you compensation or benefits that truly make giving them your life worthwhile.

please descrive me the working enviroment of your design office… guys…

pretty much 9-5 except for a few crunch times during the year… don’t be taken advantage of!

Damn Yo, they’re taking advantage of me here :frowning:

I’m now independent (which means I’m pulling about 90hrs/week at the moment; but I’ll get a couple months off soon).

When I was corporate, it was 8:30am til 5pm, 5 days a week. I usually came in at 8:30 but stayed until 7pm. And like Yo, sometimes I pulled all-nighters and some weekends depending on the project. But it wasn’t more than I was comfortable doing. No one forced me. And most people did not work longer than they had to. Only upper management was there on weekends (one reason I didn’t mind working weekends - they’re now my contacts).

We’re on Flex-time here. Some days I work 10 hrs, somedays I work 6, but I shoot for 8. We work 40 hrs. a week, some weeks more depending on deadline/project.

I was working the same kind of hours at my first design job…9am till 10pm most week days and then weekends were a must all most every week. i knew i was being taken advantage of but i also knew that i was taking advantage of what they were offering me…know-how.

if you’re going to get something out of all the effort that you’re putting into it then stick with it for at least a few months if not a year. then make your move and try to apply for a better position in the next company.

the second job i got is so much better and i have a lot of freedom in handleing my working hours…as long as i get the work done they don’t mind what time i come in and leave.