Give me advice on Post Grad ID schools!

My situation

26 years old
1 internship in Holland and 18 months at a job in Melbourne under my belt.
Laid off recently, was preparing to do do post grad anyways
Looking to beef up my skills, expand my opportunities, etc etc.

I’m looking into what the top ID grad schools are out there, and what a masters can do for me. I am open to studying pretty much anywhere except Holland or Australia. Investigated Royal College of the Arts in London, didn’t get very excited. Ive heard bad things about Politecnico Di Milano plus I dont speak Italian. I am interested in Umea and a bunch of schools in the US, IE UC, SCAD, Pratt, but I haven’t heard too much here about their grad programs. ANY VIEWS WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED

check out the newly minted salary survey to see the career advantages of a Master’s degree (short story, not much)
As an alternative to unemployment, spending time to beef up skills and network…well, you can do that without spending two+ years and up to $100K. just need self-motivation.

now, as a way to broaden your horizons, explore interests in depth, train your mind with rigor, and generally make yourself a better person - that my freind, is priceless.

Fair enough, I was in fact JUST perusing that Salary survey, interesting stuff, especially the fact that a masters degree doesn’t really seem to affect ID salaries in the sectors I’m interested in. Also seems to me I should be staying in Australia if I can! Or better yet go to Hong Kong!

I’m still interested on information / opinions though, especially regarding UMEA. The one year course in Advanced Design Visualization looks verrry interesting ( and according to the website there are NO tuition fees…?! Can that be right? ).