Give it up for the tail lights!

Hey all,

I’ve been commuting an awful lot lately, which means I stare at tail lights for at least 2 hours a day. So I want to give it up for the Audi SUV tail lights, putting some interest in an otherwise boring selection out there.

Also in the running:
Volvo’s consistent vertical coolness
BMW’s fan pattern

Anybody else have some back end beauts?

Volvo seems to be accentuating their bold shoulderline with the taillight, making them unmistakable in the dark even from afar. I first noticed it on the XC60, but it’s there more or less on every newer model.

I think I may have moaned about this on core before but what’s really pssng me off at the moment are the automotive manufactures that somehow think it’s cool or safe to put strobing tail lights on their vehicles.
I can understand the use of strobes on the static yellow lights used to highlight roadworks, but putting strobing lights on the back of a moving vehicle seems like an incredibly stupid idea to me as it can only interfere with perception when our eyes scan moving traffic at night. Also rather infuriatingly, it seems that lots of people who I ask about this haven’t even noticed. Interestingly I can find very little about this recent and largely unnoticed craze on the net…surely I am not alone in my fury here?

(VW, Volvo - I’m looking at you - now p-l-e-a-s-e cut it out!)

Thats definately not a factory installed option (not sure if its even legal). Ive never seen that on the road, ever, and theres quite a few volvos around here. But youre right, it looks incredibly stupid.

On topic:
I really liked the new tail-lights on the audi quattro concept.
something very uncomplicated about them, and im sick and tired of LED christmas lights.

yea i have never seen that over here in the states, no way it would be legal here, it is terrible and looks super cheap and cheesy right along with what you have said about them.

Unfortunately it appears that it is factory fitted as standard on quite a few model lines. (move your eyes horizontally back and forth quickly when one is in front of you should see the delayed visual trail)

Admittedly the way it’s presented in the youtube clip is dramatising the effect (presumably through the phasing flicker of the camera’s recording speed) but they are definitely irritating to some and quite possibly dangerous i suspect.

Wallflower: I watched the video and the music definitely made it look bad a$$. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen this before, but I hope to! I’ll be sure to put on some techno the next time I’m stuck behind a volvo, which will be multiple times tomorrow.

bngi: I feel the disdain for crappy “christmas lights” but I think audi uses those individual points of light to it’s advantage, most evident in the headlights. I find myself paying too much attention to my rear view mirror when one of these guys is lurking up behind me. It’s really adds a nice bit of character to the car.
engio: I love that volvo “shoulder line.” Konstantine Grcic curated an exhibit showing the light all by itself( Check it out, it’s a great collections of products and their lineage. Definitely a beautiful object. Kudos to the volvo designer(s).

my personal fave.

I was behind a Q5 yesterday morning admiring the surface detailing (except for the unfortunate rear bumper details), more than the tail lights. I cannot say I’m a fan of the Q5 lights especially when seen in operation with the center section lighting up on braking and the eyebrow lighting up for turn indicator.

Q7’s is more refined. Cannot say I’m a big fan of Audi’s bright white light treatments on front daytime running lights. They come across as garish to me.
I’ve always admired the last model BMW 5 series rear lights and original trunk/deck lid detail.

And the 2010 International Federation of Plastic Wholesaler’s Award for Most Material Used in a Single Molded Component goes to…

and there’s two of them.

What happened to restraint?

Lmo, right on!

Why do we need tail-lights as big as a Costco sign?

I was walking by a Kia Forte 5 Door in a parking lot during the day time. I was extremely impressed by the overall design and build quality, but I was especially taken by the tail-lights. A very good execution I think.

No fan of the classis Mazda Miata tail lights? I believe they are in the MOMA permanent collection.

On my trip to Spain, this really popped out at me. Fiat Brava.

Both good choices 914!

I saw this on the road yesterday and thought of this thread.
0807_13_z+2009_alfa_romeo_miTo+taillight_and_rear_badge (1).jpg

Ive always liked this (best gen. 911 imo): \ \ ![]( \ \ Cant believe no one has posted this yet:

I know it is a repost on my side…

Coffee: I’ve never felt angrier on this board than right now. Talk to any of my friends and they will tell you about the time that I blew up in anger and ranted for 30 minutes after seeing the Maserati coupe. ARGHH!!!

Here’s why…Giorgetto Giugiaro designed those beautiful thin curving little gems on its rump. When Maserati wanted to re-enter the US market, they stupidly focus grouped it. Apparently, Americans really are passionate about sticking Chevy Malibu tail lights on everything, because that’s the one they liked. WTF!!! ARGH!!!

This brings me to my theory that there must be some department in the US government that keeps beautiful design out. It’s the only logical conclusion…

Yes, the US version is disappointing after the iconic and original Euro version of the Maserati coupe…

Also, that is the best 911. The last air cooled one it was a very nice way to cap off that era.

There’s only two 911’s I want. 1969-1972 (long wheel base, original styling) or 1993-1998 (993 model).