GILLETTEE (Samsonite)

I noticed the Gillette & Samsonite job openings on coroflot.

Anyone have any insight/advice/anecdotes concerning working as a designer at Gillette? Samsonite?

OR just Gillette/Samsonite in general? Didn’t Gillette cut like 500 million jobs recently?


I know/knew people on both design teams. Gillette is great, the people there are very talented and their studio is pretty swanky. They work very very hard as well, and the environment surrounding them is pretty corporate. I think their design team is pretty insulated from the P&G thing in terms of layoffs.

Samsonite is undergoing some serious changes right now- new ceo and design director are mixing things up. I do know they are leaving their office in the former American Tourister factory and moving to some lame office park, and I think all the design staff that is left is moving to europe. Might not be the best time to jump on that sinking ship. It used to be a great place, the people were fun and the vibe wasn’t too corporate. I think thats changed over the past few years, but like I said I’ve been fairly out of the loop.

seems like samsonite is opening a new “design center” in middle of bumfuk massachusetts…

Just saw the info on the design center in mass, confused me a bit from the change in location. It was pretty convenient in Warren since the designers are almost always RISD grads that still live close to campus.
The design center was a very cool place to work, definitely not your typical corporate grind stereotype. Good independance, no brown-nosing politics, people trust your skills and judgement. You know that 98% of what you design is going to market and you get sole responsibility for stuff coming in.
All the people when I was there are pretty much gone now so it’s a whole new team, don’t really know the current working conditions. Hopefully they’re not going to change it too much for the designers from what it’s been for the past 5 yrs or so.
I knew another RISD grad at Gillette, didn’t get too much feedback other than having access to really good tools for design development.