gifts for under $77

It seems like this years list is headed in a different direction. If you are at all interested in outside opinions next year I would like to see more ideas from Yo.

What direction is this years list headed in?

What is so bad about it and what can be made better?

Woah, I did not mean to imply that is was “so bad”, just that it seems different from previous years. I could be wrong. Maybe it was just my initial take on it but it seemed a bit less focused on design/products and more focused on sustainability. Perhaps I should look at it again.

It definitely has a theme… I prefer more meat, less gravy. Maybe I should make a list.

I think doing these things every year is difficult, and because you might feel like you are repeating yourself, it can be tempting to go off on a tangent. I think making a list of great design under $77 is enough of a theme right there. Pretty darn difficult to fill that list out.

Ah, apologies. I suppose I read it wrong. The theme this year is blatantly evident though, you’re right.

I read through a few other online/local Austin gift guides this year that seem to also be very focused on ‘green’.