'GGLEE7' - Industrial Design Portfolio Website

Hello! I am a 26-years-old industrial designer working in Korea.

I’m recently finishing my bachelor 's degree and seeking a job.

Would love constructive feedback on my portfolio website!

Portfolio Link:


  • I’d appreciate any thoughts/comments on the format, content, copy, etc.

    Thank you!

Technically your projects are very good. Nice presentation and overall good form language. I like the designs but most of them could be a little more daring and conceptual - it looks so “corporate” even though this is a student portfolio. Also I would like to see some (real) design models, prototypes and process. For my taste it is too “clean” and doesn’t show your personality and your overall approach to design. You need to convince me that you are not a guy sitting down at your computer in the morning, firing up a CAD software and Keyshot and have a design ready in the evening.
But not a bad job at all so far! The visualization skills alone could probably land you a job. But if you don’t want to end up in a position where you mostly do renderings of other people’s designs better add some more process meat!

Your website constantly and randomly crashes for me on chrome, though. Also get rid of the music… RIGHT NOW! Forced music playback in the browser is one of the great evils of our time.

I fully agree with all of your words. I also had such an idea.
It was my first homepage, so I only thought about showing the result.
Thank you for pointing out exactly. I will soon add up my work.

I will try to figure out what is causing the website collision. Music is … Remove or will not be automatically played.

Thank you for all your advice.


The positive is that your designs are fairly well developed and visualized.
They stem from problem solving type design thinking and that is fine if done in a complex environment with many requirements from various aspects of an organization (business strategy, technology implementation, ergonomics, federal regulations, user acceptance, brand identity). However, you hardly show any story behind the product let alone describe how you went from requirements to an implementation. See if you can present your work less like a black box and by showing more engagement with the design process make it more engaging for the viewer of your websites as well.

The website design works but can use some more work in terms of layout and typography. And yes, ditch the music - even music professionals should not have music like that on their website. Cool for Flash websites anno 2000, now a design crime.

Thank you for your advice. I think so too.
Currently I am working on the homepage correction. I also removed music from my homepage.
I will make a better homepage according to your advice.
Thank you.