Getting your groceries in the city!

I am a design student at Kendall College of Art and Design.

I am in the research process of my design and need to know more problems and success with getting groceries without a car.

The survey will take only about five minutes of your time. The responses at the end of the survey are not mandatory but will help in the decision process of the final direction.

With the information from the survey it will help find User wants for the product. I will use the survey, personal interviews, and observational research to find what people do and don’t do. What people want, but don’t have.

The results will be put in my final presentation in class to provide reasoning behind each decision in the design process.

I will post he results for responders to view as well as the final project when complete.


Thanks to any takers of the survey. Any ideas are much appreciated.

The survey will take only about five minutes of your time.

It took me 4.6 seconds. There was only one question… … …

BTW, don’t expect me to “establish an account” and log-in take a survey (I couldn’t care less about winning $$$).


But I am only interested in people who used the first 4 ways of transportation. If you take a car to get groceries, I was not interested in your responses to the rest of the survey because the product is not for people who own cars.

I responded to your survey and wrote this in the response briefly, but I think you are missing a huge user group by excluding anyone who simply owns a car. I live in the city and I own a car, but I use it to get groceries less than half the time. I also bike, walk, take the bus, take a cab, or any combination of those things. I think you’d find that many others are the same, particularly those of us who live in neighborhoods where it is tough to find a parking spot and driving to the grocery store it isn’t worth the trouble of re-parking.