getting the best out of the doodle book

i was goin thru this doodle book of mine and i realized, the learning of surfaces that happens thru doodles is essential as it leaves a great imprint on the serious, official work sketches that we do. with that line of thought, i wondered to myself if these doodles were, at best, healthy. and how i can direct my core doodle work to further improve my overall ability to conceptualize. wat should i aim at while doodling?

the lady on the left took me 15 mins

the bootom one’s done with striking reference to one of yo’s posts. i hope yo doesn’t sue me.

and some more original stuff

extremely raw. this is the outcome of some aimless doodling

so how can i improve? how do i make my doodles help my actual skills? what should i focus on. i am clear on the fact that i ought to practice. and since im still a beginner, should i stick to pencils? ive used ball point for most of my work here.

I think the best thing to do is just experiment. try different perspectives on objects u normally draw well. I usually draw shoes pretty well from a side view, so I’ll switch it up with a 2 point perspective view to change things up. Try different mark makers, like charcoal, pencil, or markers. Really, your only limited by your own imagination when it comes to your sketchbook.

agree with you shuph. i like what u said about drawing stuff in new angles. ill put that to test. also, the other day i was doodling in a colleague’s sketchbook and i doodled a lot of variety, very many angles and finished em up well. guess its the fear of leaving proof of bad sketching in another chap’s book! i think these pressures help