Getting Started...

I am very interested in the field of industrial design. mainly focused on vehicle and product design.

I am looking for a future in Concept art for film and Video Games from the enviroment point of view. (i.e. spaceships, buildings, chairs, tables, etc.) I would really like to try and get a bachelors in ID before tackling a degree in concept art.

I am getting a pretty late start, I’m 28 and i guess you could say i didnt plan for the future much the last 10 or so years and now im polishing up a portfolio and getting ready to take some university classes.

any schools recommended? I’m not sure what my chances of getting out of country are (im got a wifey and a 2.5 year old daughter) and currently live in SLC, Utah. Anyone been to either schools in Denver?

anyway, My real question is, what is the best way to get started? any books or magazines i should start with? I have ALWAYS been interested in product design and feel thats where my main focus will probably be.

thanks for help in advance. i’ve been lurking here for awhile and am excited to get into the field.

I grew up in the denver boulder area, and although the art school in denver has a few good programs, I dont think the ID program is all that. I hear that San Jose State has a good program, and its a state school so its not as expensive as the high brow art schools.