getting rid of plastic bags

Totally! Perhaps the design solution is a container that “affords” you to bring those bags back, or compacts them in such a way as to make it easy to drop in the regular recycling.

Being that I just took my recycling out to the curb last night…why the heck can’t I put those baggies in the blue box?

Then again…all it would take is one good wind storm and the neighborhood would look like it snowed plastic bags the night before.

its gotta be multi-faceted. the problem usually lies in people hoping for a silver bullet solution.

this might be one attack on the bags…

but as others have stated…it is important that the culture becomes active in attacking the issue through participation.

i fear one of the largest issues facing the US in changing its bad habits is the idea that someone else will take care of it (govt, technology, corps. etc). It really does need to be a priority for both those bodies and the individual citizen.

San Francisco is banning the plastic shopping bag altogether. Ban goes into effect this December 1st. I suspect it will be in the news across the country, but I’ll try to give an update from first hand grocery shopping.

Personally, I welcome this ban.

Hopefully the ban will spread out like ripples in a pond. Way to go San Francisco!!!

people actually caring + industry realizing they can save/make money (this will be a fight with the ones that will lose money, welcome to the free market) + government involvement = steps in the right direction.

lets hope the current activity and momentum continue grow. The cost of a barrel of oil needs to stay high, making things painful for many, but avoiding the outcome of the 70s when all the alternative energy activity was forgotten once the price of oil dropped back down to nearly nothing.