getting rid of entire white area after sketch is scanned in

…im having problems erasing the entire background without having tiny white spots around the black linework…

are there any ways to keep the quality of the lines but ditch all the white?

ive tried changing brightness/contrast in ps but the linework loses its punch

thanks guys/gals!

If you are working in Photoshop, move your linework/sketch to the top layer and set the layer to Multiply … this will instantly drop out all of the white space. Then put all of your shading and color layers below the linework/sketch. This way, you don’t have to do any trimming or erasing of white space.
Hope this helps.


You can also adjust the levels. This gives you more control over what drops out and what stays then brightness/contrast.

Sometimes though you’ll just need to clean up some marks by hand. There usually ends up being some random bits of crap on your paper or scanner that won’t get edited out no matter how hard you try in photoshop and they need to be erased manually.

…wow this process is alot easier than what ive been doing…

thanks guys

Thanks JKnodell… :slight_smile:

beginner to PS here… how do you ‘set layer to multiply’? i’ve tried looking in all the menus, couldn’t find that option, and looked in the help (which usually helps me pretty well)


youll find the multiply option above on the layer palette just above your first layer

If you want to have the most control, use curves (ctrl+m) instead of levels. Much more powerful.

here’s how i clean up the sketches and it just occured to me that this is from our very own Michael DiTullo’s site, haha who knew?

anyways, yes multiply drops it out and if more people used levels and curves… i’d smile :slight_smile: