Getting out what you put in.

I was just wondering if the addage of you get out what you put in applied to ID education, or if it is more a matter of where you go and who you know. I am what would be considered a non-traditional student, and due to current circumstances in my life, I am unable to uproot everything that my life is built on to go to Pratt, RISD, Art Center or the like.

Is it even worth my time and money to enroll in the design program at Metro State in Denver, (it is IDSA certified), or do I have to change my entire life to pursue this career?



I definitely think the more you put in, the more you get out…

but it is a competitive field with a lot of talented people on the hunt, so you do want to stack the cards in your favor as much as possible… making some tough call to set things up now might make it easier down the road when you graduate.

It all really depends on the individual. Some great designers I know didn’t even go to design school… they are ever becoming the exception to the rule though…

Umea design institute, Sweden is the worst choice!!!
You will know that when you are there!!!

whats up w hating on umea?.. did they fail you or something?

Before I studied at Umea Design Institute, I had seen many articles on this school on famous design web sites, like core77. So, I thought Umea Design Institute could be the school, where I can learn so many things during my master study. When I was in Umea, I realised that Umea Design Institute has many relationship with media, so this school has used media for advetising Umea Design Institute. Also, some designers grasuating from that school have advertised this school indirectly here. Be careful!!! Umea design institute is the worst!!! Even in Sweden this school is rated on third stage.

What’s up with Umea guy?

Don’t be afraid of the state schools. I too was a non-traditional student who couldn’t move anywhere I wanted , and I attend an IDSA accredited State school. I had some excellent teachers that are now teaching at CCS. It certainly helps to go to big name schools but a recently read an article that there are twice as many CEO’s that went State schools than Ivy leagues.

Its more a matter of how bad you want to be a designer. If you work your butt off it will pay off no matter where you went to school. If really love, you will find a way to make it work.