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I’m going to move to Cincinnati at the end of the summer and apply to UC’s undergraduate ID (design track) program. I’ll live in Ohio for a year before enrolling, I’m pretty sure I’ll qualify for instate tuition this way. I’m wondering what are my chances of getting accepted? Here’s what my application will look like: I’m 25. I graduated from St. John’s College with a BA in liberal arts (gpa **). I’ve recently taken a bunch of art classes at Portland State University & I’ll soon take some more, I’m pretty sure I’ll have straight **. My high school gpa is ** My sats are ****. I’m currently working on my profolio, it will be more arty than designy; I’ll have some decent life-drawing, still-life drawing, color theory paintings etc. but nothing from a computer. I don’t mean to be vulgar by posting all this info but I honestly want to know what are my odds of getting accepted, oh yeah, I’d be applying as a transfer. & how can I broaden my profolio, I don’t know any design computer programs at this point? Thank you. I’ve found this site extremely helpful.

Since you’re a transfer student, you’ll probably do summer foundations - they require that you do their foundations (i think even if you have experience already). Based on your criteria, I think you’ll have no problem being accepted. I’ve been accepted three times (also have a good acedemic background), and this year I can finally afford to go. You don’t need a porfolio. They start looking at transfers the beginning of May.

You should talk to an acedemic coordinator, because if you need foundations you should look into moving here by the beginning of summer quarter and start then… it’s 8 weeks of insanity.

Good luck.

Congradulations & thank you for your reply. I was under the impression that UC requires a profolio for transfers but not for first time students.

My daughter just got into the program for digital media. UC is strictly a GPA/SAT and class rank oriented school. Generally, you need a high school GPA of at least 3.5 and SATs in the 1200++ range.

Admission varies on the major. ID and Architecture and Interior Design are the toughest to get admitted to. Graphic design and Digital Media are next and other design is easiest, although not easy.

I asked about transferring incase my daughter didn’t get admitted. They said that it is very hard to transfer in. For the tougher majors, people with 3.75 were rejected.

I guess you should apply; however, did you ever consider applying to design schools as a graduate student? Some MFAs may be available for people who have no design undergrad experience in that area. Just a thought.

Be aware that UC has much earlier time line requirements for admission to their program. For example, admission for their freshmen class generally requires that all parts of the applications be submitted by October 1, which is VERY early. If you are applying as a transfer, you should investigate this. Many a prospective student gets closed out because they applied too late.

your commitment will have more influence than the technicalities on your application, talk to some of the proffesors about living in Cincy for a year. there will opportunities to attend events and continue reading theory/history and practice sketching - demonstrate your seriousness, and you will not have admissions problems.

I second no_spec.

I think the deadline for submission is soon. I talked with a professor last week and she said they start reviewing the beginning of May (although I thought it was the beginning of March).

You do not need a porfolio if you’re a transfer student… I’ve never submitted one.

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