Getting into China

I’m a recent BSc Product Design graduate in the UK and i am intrested in working in china, does anyone have any tips or directions to take for this?

Keep going East from the UK until you reach China.

oh wow, thats really useful cos i was thinking of going west, bit christopher columbus style


Here are some past posts on this topic which should help:

They are mostly about Hong Kong but there is a sprinkling of China comments as well.

Read this week’s BusinessWeek magazine. There is a very good article about design in China and some examples of western designers working in China.

Hope it helps.

i am working in china now. you should gave it a try. it is good but it is also very different.

Hey mr Guest just above me,

if you happen to pass by here again, could you tell us a bit more maybe? like were you hired by a multinational company or did you just go and looked for work there? and what about the papermill, taxes, working permits, all that stuff? im also thinking about trying China, so id love to know!