Getting hired soon after covid (or during)

I graduated from College for Creative studies in 2018 May in Product Design.

I’ve been actively looking for jobs over the years. I’ve been struggling to get hired but I’ve been getting interviews for the entry level industrial designer
position from various companies till Covid outbreak (the last interview I got was in March).

I’ve been updating my portfolios and worked on new personal projects. I am still actively looking for a job but with everything going on it’s not easy.

My concern is that I have left the school 2 years ago which leaves me a gap in my resume and I will have to compete with new graduates for the
entry level position. Will this be a big liability for me to find a job even after the Covid?

I would appreciate any insights!

Hi Wesley,

I noticed that I had replied to your portfolio thread in 2019. Can you post an updated portfolio? Covid or not, and employment gap or not, the decision to hire after interview will largely be about soft skills and fitment into the existing team. I’d assume if you are getting consistent interviews that your technical skillset is acceptable to employers. Perhaps you could reflect on your presentation and communication through the recruiting process to identify why the companies went another way?