Getting first step on the ladder...

Hi people

I am soon to be a graduate in Industrial Design and Technology and am struggling to find information to help me get on the design career ladder.

Because I have not had any design experience i.e. I did not do a placement year as part of my degree course I am struggling to find vacancies to apply for as everywhere asks for 1-2 years experience. I am finding this situation a bit frustraing as if somewhere doesn’t give a new designer a chance in the first place then they never will get ‘experience’.

Despite my lack of experience in design I have a large amount of eneral business experience, although this is unrelated will this help?

Any feedback/ideas anyone can suggest would be greatly appreciated.

i think any business (learning) experience is applicable… it all depends on how you represent it. if i were you i might try a post graduate internship… those often lead to full time positions… or at least get you you’re 1 year of experience.

good luck.